What are hair salons doing to protect customers during the coronavirus outbreak?

While haircuts don’t seem like the biggest priority in the middle of the current COVID-19 outbreak, you may notice that salons are still open and customers are still going.

If you aren’t completely self-isolating, you’re still being advised to practice social distancing, which means avoiding contact where possible.

That said, until the government tell us explicitly that we should leave the house under no circumstances, people will continue to do so.

If you do decide to go to get your haircut, you should be sure you’re doing so at a salon doing its utmost to protect their customers.

With that in mind, we have some of the messaging coming from the UK’s top hairdressers.

Chain salon group Rush has currently not stated any plans to close their locations.

They have, however, implemented a number of additional measures to keep the place – and clients – clean and safe. In a statement sent this weekend, they said:

  • ‘Hand sanitiser is situated around the salon. Please use this when entering the salon and throughout your appointment.
  • ‘When using the bathroom, we have replaced our hand towels with disposable hand towels. Upon using one of the disposable hand towels, please place in the bin within the bathroom.
  • ‘Our bathrooms provide antibacterial soap, please wash your hands thoroughly throughout your time in salon.
  • ‘Our teams will be working to ensure all gowns, towels, styling stations, chairs, hairdressing tools, till systems, door handles and handrails are deep cleaned after every use.
  • ‘Refreshments will be offered while you enjoy your appointment, please ensure you keep hydrated.
  • ‘If you are feeling unwell when you arrive for your appointment, please ensure you make our salon teams aware of your symptoms.’

Skyler London
The south London salon is a specialist in colour, and have announced what they plan to do during the outbreak in an emailed statement. They said:

‘We are upholding all government guidelines so you can continue to visit Skyler London with peace of mind. Our guest experience hasn’t changed, and our aim is to ensure you have an amazing time when you visit the salon.

‘As an added precaution, we are asking all guests to wash their hands using our anti-bacterial hand soap before being seated. We have also replaced our usual cloth towels in our washrooms with single use paper towels.

‘All hard surfaces, door handles, and handrails within the salon, reception, washrooms and team areas are cleaned with anti-bacterial products on a regular basis throughout the day.

‘Our reception team are making sure all phones, card machines, and computers are cleaned thoroughly throughout the day using anti-bacterial wipes.

‘Our kitchen area where we prepare drinks is always kept to the highest level of cleanliness, but as an added precaution, we are using disposable cups for drinks where applicable.

‘Our team are here for your comfort and safety, and are adhering to the strict personal hygiene guidelines we have set out. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable.’

As well as this, they have asked all customers to notify them ahead of time if they’re showing symptoms, know anyone that is, or are returning from an affected area. They’ll be rescheduling these appointments.

Blush + Blow
Chelsea salon Blush + Blow offer express blow-drying services, treatments, and extensions.

A spokesperson for the salon said that they ‘have arranged home visits for people who aren’t showing any symptoms and who’s family also aren’t showing any symptoms.’

The salon itself is not currently opening.

Trendy Chiswick salon MAYFIVE are currently keeping their shop open, but a spokesperson for the brand said: ‘MAYFIVE are continuing with appointments in the salon as long as clients aren’t showing symptoms or anyone in their household is.’

Customers are advised to call ahead if any of these things apply to them, so their appointment can be cancelled or rescheduled.

Nicole Jackson
Nicole Jackson, who is self-employed and normally works out of Taylor Taylor salon in London has switched her business to be in her home only. She messaged her customers:

‘I just wanted to send a message to my lovely clients in regards to the development of COVID-19 and your future appointments with me.

‘I’m still open for business but I’m only working from home for the time being as I feel this is an area where I can control the space and hygiene, ensuring the health and wellbeing of my clients and myself.

‘I wanted to reassure you of the extra measures I’ve put in place to keep you and I safe.

  • ‘If you have an appointment, please let me know if you have visited any other country in the last month.
  • ‘If you have felt at all poorly over the last 7 days, please refrain from coming in for 2 weeks. Anyone who comes into the house will wash their hands immediately before the appointment starts.
  • ‘I am disinfecting my whole workstation including chair and table between appointments.
  • ‘All towels and gowns are washed at 50 degrees with antibacterial wash and are washed between clients so no two people will share.
  • ‘All combs are cleaned and disinfected between appointments.

‘If there are any further measures you’d like me to take please let me know so I can be accommodating. I would love to see you and welcome you in to have some respite from the madness.’

Given that many hairdressers are self-employed it’s a difficult time for them when it comes to knowing when the next client might come in.

Not only do they have to protect themselves, but their businesses and livelihoods and valued clients.

If you’re unsure on what the guidelines are for your local salon specifically, the best idea is to give them a ring before your appointment.